One Room Challenge-Moody Sunroom Retreat

It has been a long seven months since my last blog post….what can I say…life got a little overwhelming! I recently resigned from my company and will be starting at a new company very soon. I am finally starting to feel like myself again and boy does that feel good!

I am determined to get back on the blog train and focus more on the blog, design business and social media! What better way to hop back into the swing of things than the One Room Challenge.

This will be my second time as a guest participant. I participated last fall and transformed my home office space.

This time around, we are working on sunroom. This room is off of our living/dining room and is our main access to the back yard. Having four dogs means we are going in and out of this room multiple times a day. With my husband being OBSESSED with his yard, that also means lots of muddy shoes coming through this space.

Below are a couple of pictures from the MLS listing. The sunroom is right off the dining area and separated by original metal MCM sliding doors.


A Mid Century purist would probably cringe at the fact that I hate these floors, but I hate them. Our house is a split level MCM style but it isn’t too “mid century’ so I do not feel bad eliminating them.



COLOR: Black. Black. Black. The room was inspired by the kitchen area of The Handmaid’s Tale. While most people seem to love bright white, open, and airy spaces, I crave darkness. I find comfort and peace with moody spaces. So while it may seem counterintuitive to paint a sunroom black, I believe this will create a inviting and warm space for us to relax in. Because I value my privacy, all the windows will be covered in flowing sheer black drapery. It will still allow light to filter in but not let our neighbor peek in.

NATURE: Our sunroom has three walls of windows and is north facing. We have a fairly wooded lot so we do not get a ton of bright light but we do get enough to be a thriving place for certain types of plants. The room will have a large Audrey Fig Tree as a focal point but I am also going to incorporate other types of plants such as vines or climbing type plants.

FLOORING: Now this is one of the most important aspects of the room due to heavy foot traffic. Two humans + four dogs= need durable flooring. I am currently going back and forth between two budget friendly but durable options. The first is commercial carpet tiles. Are you familiar with Flor tiles? This is basically a commercial and economical version of these that can be picked up at any of our big box stores. The second option is peel and stick floor tiles. I really wanted to pour concrete but the cost to do this just did not make sense. I plan on adding a 8 x 10 jute black rug to help capture any dirt that the pups will drag in so regardless of the base floor, the warmth of a rug will be introduced into the space.

FURNITURE: Once again, this is up in the air. I REALLY want to find furniture through FB Marketplace, thrifting, or some type of budget friendly solution. This will be great if I find something but I can’t plan for it! I have some messages out to sellers but in typical FB fashion, people are flaky (SO annoying!). I do want to incorporate a lovely ochre velvet in either upholstery or throw pillows. We will see!

LIGHTING: We currently have two recessed LED lights in the room. They are bright and harsh. we never use them. I would love to covert these lights into pendants and find some type of textural pendant light (woven, rattan, etc.)

Candidly, I am winging this guys! As a last minute registration and a mind full of ideas, who knows what we will end up with. Hopefully you guys will fall along on the journey during the next 6 weeks and see what each week will bring!