A Letter to Myself on my 37th Year

We are two weeks into 2018 and I have yet to discuss "resolutions".  I am not one who makes resolutions.  I never stick to them!  Instead, I list goals.  2017 was a very good year.  It was a year of changes, it was a year of challenges, but it was a year of results.  

                                                                           photo by  Grace and Jaden Photography

                                                                           photo by Grace and Jaden Photography

Sometimes, I think we (humans) are afraid to say what we want out loud and to share them with others as it can make us vulnerable.  What if I don't accomplish these goals? What if people see me struggle and fail? What if people judge me?  

So, this year, I am writing a letter to myself.  

Happy Birthday, Saher!  Today you are 37.  You are closer to 40 than 30.  Your joints hurt in places you did not know could hurt, you don't heal the same, but you are alive and well.

You have always been a late bloomer in life.  You take a bit longer to find the path to the destination you desire, but you find your way.  You are fierce, you are independent, and you are full of passion.  However, your fear failure holds you back by stopping you from taking risks.  The risk vs. reward for the life you want is worth it, so go for it.  

On this 37th year, I wish you the following accomplishments both professionally and personally.


  • Continue to grow and expand your design knowledge and business.  Be proud of what you have accomplished since launching just a few months ago (you have 4 new clients in 6 weeks!).  Do not compare your beginning to someone else's middle or end.  While days can be tough and you may question why you are taking on so much, do not forget your end goal....to live a life filled with happiness, creativity, independence and passion.  
  • Grow your Instagram to 5,000 by year end.  This is REALLY hard for you to say out loud, so I will say it for you.  Put yourself out there, connect and network, make friends, and be yourself.  DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!  You will need support from others to do this.  Do not be afraid.  
  • Be published.  Submit your work to various online or local publications and try to share your work with others.  It is OK to try and then fail but you will never know unless you try!
                                                photo by Rebecca Shehorn

                                                photo by Rebecca Shehorn


  • Focus on your health.  The end of 2017 had you unexpectedly in the hospital, having surgery, and overall feeling not in the best of health.  Your body should be your temple.  Treat it that way.  Give up the foods and behaviors that are poisonous to your body and soul.  Eat more vegetables. Eat less meat.  Drink more water. Exercise. Go to the doctor. Deal with issues instead of hiding from them.
  • Children.  Yes, you are 37.  Yes, it's harder to have a child at this age, but it can happen.  Take care of your health and make the dream of motherhood become a reality.
  • Volunteer consistently.  Yes, you volunteer more than most of the people you know, but volunteering has such an impact to both you and the people/animals you help that you must do it MORE.  

May the next year of your life, be the best one yet.  Work hard, but play hard.  Your dreams are waiting for you...go and get them!

                                                                      photo by  Grace and Jaden Photography

                                                                      photo by Grace and Jaden Photography