Reupholstering Furniture-One Room Challenge Week Four

I blinked and it was week four of the One Room Challenge. Between work travel, client projects, vet appointments, fertility appointments, and some Netflix in between, I have no idea where time has gone!

After the horrendous painted concrete floor disaster last week, we are now getting to fun part. The foundation has been laid. The floors and walls are painted (two extremely tedious paint jobs), floor to ceiling and wall to wall black sheers are up, and the moody setting is the perfect canvas for the furniture and accessories that will soon be filling the room.

The sunroom is right off of our living room but it really is not used that much. During the summer, we may hang in the room in the evening but during the cold months, it is pretty much a room that we pass through in order to let the pups out.

Budget is always important when designing any space, but this time it was extra important. Between the non-stop vet visits (senior dog ownership is tough but rewarding) and our upcoming IVF, I had to be extremely mindful on where the dollars were being spent. With design being such a big part of my life, I have procured (**clears throat** hoarded) so much furniture and decor over the years.

When I decided to transform the sunroom, I spent some time at the Saher Antique Store aka my basement. I had several chairs, but only one pair. These Alky Chairs have seen better days but I picked them up for $100 each + $100 delivery. If you do a quick google search you will see that I got a heck-of-a good deal! These lovely ladies have been chillin’ in the basement for a couple of years and did not know when/where I would use them. No time like the present!


As I have shared before, I am drawn to neutral palettes. When well done, I find them timeless, luxurious, and often look more polished (IMO!) and refined. When picking upholstery for the chairs, I wanted something that would be unique but also continue the palette we have in our home. I chose this velvet by Fabricut in the color Whiskey. Excuse the little pieces of fuzz….it has been traveling in my purse for some time as I was trying to find a rug for weeks!


This was my first time getting anything professionally reupholstered **GASP** I was referred to a local reupholster by a friend and he did not disappoint. He reupholstered these beauties for $!80 each!

I could not be more pleased with how they turned out. Depending on the light, the fabric pulls gold, brown, caramel….it’s just gorgeous. While this is technically a color, it works seamlessly in a neutral palette as it complements all my favorite neutrals….black, marble, wood, white, gray…..and yes, I consider materials a color. :)


Would I get a piece upholstered again? Absolutely!


  • Be mindful of the base price of the piece. Fabric can quickly add up so make sure it financially makes sense to do this. Vintage/antique pieces with great lines and good bones would be a great investment if you are able to score a good deal. Check out FB Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay, Etsy, and your local thrift stores for some potentially great finds.

  • Fabric-My advice is to pick a fabric that is timeless and versatile. When I originally purchased these chairs, I had plans to reupholster them in a blueish black zebra print but I would have been so limited on when/how I could use them. I am much happier with a choice that will be timeless.

  • Ask for recommendations! Vintage pieces have unique lines that all reupholsters may not be comfortable with. Be sure to ask for recommendations specific to vintage furniture.

  • Lead Time-Expect the work to take weeks so be sure to arrange this ahead in the event you are in a time crunch. This was one of the first things I did for the ORC as I knew it would take a few weeks to get them back.

We are only two weeks away from the reveal and I am thrilled with the progress in the room. Next week I will be sharing you my go to formula for a room!

Don’t forget to check out the progress of the other participants! Thanks to Linda from Calling it Home and Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens for sponsoring another round of this fun event.