Welcome to House Haus Home!

To say I was scared to start this blog would be an understatement! I have had this domain reserved for about 8 months and for various reasons, I would just stare at it.  To put your thoughts, ideas, and creations out infront of the world to view....praise...criticize....judge....it's a scary thing!

You will never regret looking back and thinking "I tried".  You will regret looking back and asking, "what IF I tried".  So today, House Haus Home, is becoming a reality. 

So welcome!

Join us as we renovate our split-level Mid-Century Modern Home in Indianapolis, IN. 

We purchased our home in February 2016 and have made a lot of progress in the last 18 months but have so much work to do.  


My hope is to provide content that will inspire, educate, motivate, or just plain ole entertain you.  Since blogging is new to me, I am sure there will be stumbles along the way but I hope you join me on this journey.  

My goal is to provide consistent and relevant content for my readers.  I love reading blogs and online publications but I often feel they have become too detached from reality (For example-I own a TV and my electronics have wires.)  I was recently listening to a podcast where someone commented that design/DIY blogs have turned into "this is what I bought".  Yes I shop a lot but I also will be providing budget friendly home decor, DIY, looks for less, and so on.  

As a full time commercial underwriter (sexy, I know!), blogging/design is currently a side gig(aka my passion) so I hopefully you will find information that the every day working woman or stay at home mom finds valuable.  


Happy Reading!